We now offer our dog walking and pet care services in Daventry and the surrounding areas, including all the local villages and hamlets Braunston, Dunchurch, Badby, Willoughby, Long Buckby, Crick, Cawston and Clifton.

Our Daventry and Rugby dog walking team is run by Dawn Handy, she lives locally in Braunston and knows some of the best walks around because she has tried and tested them with her own dog, Felix!

Dawn and her team use the local fields and woodlands including Borough Hill, Daventry Country Park, and the surrounding villages where there are farm tracks to open fields for dogs to have the freedom to run. We aim to ensure our walkers and your dog are away from traffic and lots of other animals; this is for the safety and enjoyment of your dog. There are also some good water spots for the swimmers out there, usually the working breeds!

Dawn has always lived in the local area so knows all the secrets spots to take the dogs, so they have freedom, open spaces, trees and streams.

"Borough Hill. It's a great circular walk and a place to socialise dogs if you want. It's a walk you can make as long or short as required. There is also Daventry Country Park. Again is a great circular walk which incorporates water if you so desire!"

Dawn Handy
Dawn and her team like to get to know your dog before agreeing to take them out for a walk. Therefore, before we take your dog out, we offer a free consultation where we will take full details from you. This allows us to find out what your dog likes and dislikes, so we can ensure they are happy in our care. It also allows us to know if they have any medical conditions we need to be aware of.

We will keep you updated on Twitter and Facebook and via Whatsapp so you can see your dog is happy in our care.

Dog Walking

We will only walk a maximum of 4 dogs at any one time, any more than that and we cannot give your pet the attention they need. We also try to ensure we walk dogs of a similar size and temperament together; we know how intimated some smaller dogs can be by larger boisterous dogs and we take that into consideration - although, as you'll see from the photos, we have Dachshunds and Great Danes who are the best of friends.

We offer either a 30 minute or 60 minute walk for dogs. That means your dog will be walked for the time booked, not the time from when we collect your dog. We always use local fields, parks and woods so your dog can have a good run, burn off some energy and stimulate their senses while playing and interacting with their new friends and the walkers.

We only walk dogs off the lead with your written permission, but only once we feel we have built a bond with them. Your pet's safety is our primary concern.

Solo dog walks

We offer one to one walks; these are usually for more nervous dogs, dogs recovering from injury or elderly dogs who just want to stretch their legs, sniff some grass and have some fresh air and a gentle wander. Solo walks are available before 10.30am or after 2.30pm.

Puppy visits

We all know puppies are cute and adorable but require a lot of love and attention. While you're at work, we will visit your new puppy to ensure they can maintain their routine. We can let them out in the garden so they can go to the toilet, we will clear up any accidents and change bedding if necessary, most importantly we can give them some playtime and love, so they don't miss you too much.

Dog visits

If your dog is old or recovering from an illness and you don't feel they want to walk far but would still like some company we will go in and visit them. We can sit with them, play with them, offer them a treat and fuss them. We can also administer any medication and check they have access to go to the toilet and a potter around the garden or the block.

This service is not appropriate if you are going on holiday, dogs need company, so we do not offer dog visits as an alternative to home boarding.

cat visits

We know that cats do not like change, they like their creature comforts and a routine and surroundings where they feel comfortable. Cats can become distressed in catteries because of this; we offer an alternative to give you peace of mind and keep your cat purring while you are working or away.

We will discuss your cat's individual needs with you but can visit up to 3 times a day, feed them, let them in, let them out, change their litter tray, ensure they have fresh water and give them some love and attention. We can also set automatic feeders up to cover one of their daily feeds.

We can also pick up your post, draw the curtains and make sure your house is secure while you are away.


Our small animal visit service means your pets surroundings remain the same eliminating stress for them; it also means they avoid any illness by moving them to a strange environment.

We can also look after pets on your smallholding allowing you to go on holiday and not worry about your animals. We can visit your small animals once or twice a day; we will feed them, stroke them, change their water and clean them out.

We can let them out to play (if appropriate) we will tailor the service to your individual pets needs and your requirements.

pet taxi

Our trained teams can transport your pet in our modified vehicles; your pet will be safe in your usual carry box or one of our crates, they will have a comfy bed and plenty of room to sleep as well as access to fresh water and food or treats (if allowed).

This service is perfect for vet visits and vet referrals.


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